Does it Pay To Downsize in London Ontario?

Published 15 May 16 07:49 AM | Ty Lacroix 

Does it pay to downsize to or in London Ontario? Downsizing the family home can be one of the hardest decisions to be made and unfortunately for some, the decision to downsize may be financial or health related.

downsizing London Ontario

Last week I met with a wonderful couple who have contemplated downsizing for the past two years. I stunned them when I recommended to them that do not downsize yet! Yes, I am a Realtor and I help people sell and buy real estate but I also am a councillor and look after the best interests of my clients.

This couple were in relatively good physical and mental health and were thinking about downsizing for financial reasons. Upon reviewing their existing house, the neighbourhood, where they were wanting to downsize to, I said that they would not be better off economically if they moved!

Every situation is different but not fully understanding the financial implications and the future expenses, can wreak havoc of someone’s life work and savings.

I used this great financial downsizing tool to help them and I share this link with you as well!

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