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Lessons From The Great Minds of Investing
21 April 16 11:21 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
The following is a blog post by Rob Minton, who used to blog under 'Renegade Millionaire' and has just changed to 'Cashflownaire' I share this with you as what Rob writes about is his investing experience and a different outlook on life Read More...
Good Questions To Ask a Realtor When Selling a Home in London Ontario
19 April 16 01:59 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
When you are thinking of listing your house or your condo for sale, a neighbour, a friend might refer someone they had worked with or you may chose the Realtor who helped you buy your home. Are they chosen to handle one of your largest financial experiences Read More...
Rightsizing, Downsizing in London Ontario, Some Choices
15 April 16 11:17 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
"We’re thinking about downsizing to a smaller home. Having been out of the real estate market for many years, how do we find a representative to help us buy and sell?" When it comes to buying or selling a home in London Ontario, one of Read More...
Who is Responsible For Being Canada's Wealth Destroyers?
14 April 16 11:17 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
In the March 30 issue of Maclean’s Magazine, Jason Kirby’s article ‘Canada’s Wealth Destroyers’ writes about the huge dip in the share price of Valeant, the boom & bust of Nortel, Blackberry’s fortunes and the ups Read More...
The Best Way To Buy Real Estate in London Ontario
10 April 16 09:10 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Are you looking for a house or a condo in London Ontario and area? Are you aware that in some of the top neighbourhoods in London in London, some homes are selling in a day or two or that some homes are dramatically overpriced? Are you frustrated with Read More...
Would Warren Buffet Invest in Real Estate in London Ontario?
05 April 16 08:21 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Would Warren Buffet invest in real estate in London Ontario? I do not know but if he did, he would use the sound principals that he employs every time he invests. Using his mentor's ( Benjamin Graham) advice of : "Price is what you pay; value Read More...
Home Sales in London Ontario Highest in 10 Years!
04 April 16 11:50 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
860 homes sold in March 2016 in London Ontario and area, up 11.8% over March 2015, making it the best March since 2006. Home sales in London Ontario are up 10.8% this year. 1,579 homes were listed in March 2016, down 1.7%, and properties listed for sale Read More...
Weird London Ontario House Buyers or Sellers, Please Don't Call Me!
02 April 16 03:37 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Where on my website does it say " If you are weird, different, a complainypant, penny-less, unwashed, rude, nose up your ass type of person or couple looking to buy or sell a house in London Ontario, call me? Is in a code someplace? Subliminal? The Read More...

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