Westmount London Ontario Real Estate

Published 02 March 16 12:20 PM | Ty Lacroix 

 In 2015, 160 houses sold in Westmount in south west London Ontario through MLS for an average selling price of $378,515 which was 98% of the asking price and these took about 33 days to sell.

 107 condos in Westmount were sold through our MLS system for an average price $185,872 and took on average 42 days to sell.

 A caution here about the average condo price in Westmount. Of the 107 condos sold, the lowest was a walk up at $88,000 and the highest was a one floor bungalow style at $347,900!

 I can give you some actual price ranges on request!

map of Westmount in London Ontario

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