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Wortley Village Old South London Ontario Real Estate Update
31 March 16 10:38 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
36 houses were sold in Wortley Village and Old South London from January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016 for an average price of $311,224 which was 99% of the asking price and these took about 26 days to sell. 2 condos were sold in the same period at an average Read More...
Who Won, Who Lost in The Sale of This $476,000 House in London Ontario?
26 March 16 02:01 PM | Ty Lacroix | 1 Comments   
When you are buying a house in London Ontario for $450,000, the average commission for the salesperson you are working with is 2% which is $9,000. Not bad is it? What do you get for that $9000? Here is what I hope you get before you even make an offer: Read More...
Why Real Estate Investors Should All Over Themselves!
22 March 16 10:11 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
We all have been there . Could have, should have, but I thought, I wasn't thinking, I was tired or I was too busy! and then! I hesitate to make a list Of all the countless deals I've missed; Bonanzas that were in my grip - I watched them through Read More...
Why Some Houses in London Ontario Sell Quicker Than Others
18 March 16 05:19 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Every day I keep track of houses in London that are for sale, how long it takes to sell( days on the market) and what percentage of the sale price to the asking price. What is the reason why some houses sell for 98%-99% of the asking price and are sold Read More...
Wortley Village, Old South London House for Sale!
16 March 16 02:26 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Sorry, this house at 154 Elmwood Ave, I sold in 3 days. Ty Well, here you go, in the heart of Wortley Village in Old South London Ontario! Move in condition and a true Old South London house with character! Wortley Village Old South London View Details Read More...
Up Sizing, Downsizing or Rightsizing in London Ontario? Why?
16 March 16 02:13 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Downsizing, Upsizing, Rightsizing or Staying Put? As a Realtor, I get to see firsthand who should be buying a home, not buying a home or even renting instead of buying! I am going to be real blunt here, as a Realtor if I do not help people buy or sell Read More...
How Much By Not Being Organized Is It Costing You Buying a House in London Ontario?
09 March 16 11:09 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Can being organized save you money when buying real estate in London Ontario? In the latest issue of The Financial Post Magazine writer Suzanne Wintrob quotes Benjamin Franklin “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” The Professional Read More...
Rocket Science & London Ontario Real Estate Market
03 March 16 11:34 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
What does rocket science and selling a home in London Ontario have in common? Nothing! With the latest real estate numbers in London Ontario showing pent up activity from buyers and less homes for sale, why are some homes selling in a few days for 98%, Read More...
London Ontario Housing Market is Hot! Even in This Weather!
02 March 16 02:02 PM | Ty Lacroix | 1 Comments   
652 homes sold in February 2016 in London Ontario and area, 21.9% more than in February last year and the best February since 2008! 1,146 homes were listed in February, so 494 did not sell! I am a firm believer that success leaves clues and when I researched Read More...
Westmount London Ontario Real Estate
02 March 16 12:20 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
In 2015, 160 houses sold in Westmount in south west London Ontario through MLS for an average selling price of $378,515 which was 98% of the asking price and these took about 33 days to sell. 107 condos in Westmount were sold through our MLS system for Read More...

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