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A Refreshing DownSizing Story of a Couple in Their 30's
16 December 15 09:46 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
I will call this couple Bill and Mary to protect their identity and their 'keeping up with the Jone's ' previous lifestyle. They were referred to me by their accountant who asked me if I could help them out. Here is the outline: $460,000 house Read More...
Why Christmas?
15 December 15 02:23 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Sometimes we all get caught up in living that we forget why. This quote from Eric Sevareid is a reminder. "Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves." Read More...
First Impressions When Selling a Home in London Ontario
14 December 15 05:59 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
The first impression people have of your home when selling it in London Ontario, is what it looks like from the outside. What are they going to say to themselves as they approach your home? Believe it or not, some buyers make a decision to keep on driving, Read More...
Is It Your Heart or Your Head Buying a House in London Ontario?
10 December 15 12:30 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
When you go shopping for a house or condo to buy, there are actually two homes competing for your attention: the one that meets your needs, and the one that fulfills your desires. You may think money dictates your decision and in some cases you may be Read More...
Condo For Sale Minutes From Victoria & Parkwood Hospitals
09 December 15 10:27 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Minutes to Victoria Hospital • 2 bath, 3 bdrm townhouse - MLS ® $130,000 CAD - TLC & Build Equity Lockwood Park, London - Looking for a deal on a 3 bedroom townhouse with 1 1/2 bathrooms walking distance to Victoria Hospital & Parkwood Read More...
Wortley Village Old South London Real Estate Market is Booming
09 December 15 08:34 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
From January 1 to December 8, 2015 243 homes changed hands in the Wortley Village, Old South London Neighbourhood. The houses that did sell ( averaging 31 days on the market) sold for 98% of the average $298,376 asking price! As you can see, house prices Read More...
Did Your Home in London Ontario Not Sell?
07 December 15 11:46 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
If your home has just come off the market and hasn't sold, don't be discouraged. The reason it didn't sell may not have anything to do with your home or the market. In reality, your home may have been one of the the more desirable properties Read More...
Houses are Selling in North London Ontario, Especially Sunningdale
04 December 15 10:47 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
The Sunningdale neighbourhood is located in North London bordered by Fanshawe Park Road West, Richmond Street, Sunningdale Road West and Hyde Park Road and includes Medway Park and Hyland Estates. A very short drive to the Masonville shopping area and Read More...
Frustrated When Buying a House in London Ontario?
03 December 15 11:30 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Are you spending countless hours searching the MLS , real estate magazines, weekend classified ads and real estate websites looking for the ideal home for a great price and in a great neighbourhood in London Ontario? WHY? If you enjoy doing that, great. Read More...
Home Sales Up 8.5% in London Ontario
02 December 15 02:01 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Home sales in London Ontario and area in November 2015 were up 8.5% over November last year. 626 homes exchanged hands last month, making it the best November since 2007! The year promises to finish off quite strong in December with overall sales up 9.7% Read More...
Riverbend & Hunt Club Real Estate Market London Ontario
02 December 15 06:21 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Riverbend Real Estate Market & Hunt Club West Update 2015 57 houses exchanged hands in Riverbend & Hunt Club West from January 1 to December 2, 2015 at an average sale price of $517,449 which was 97% of the asking price and on average; these houses Read More...

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