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Joining a Real Estate Company In London Ontario
30 September 15 12:44 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
A FEW WORDS ABOUT YOUR CAREER IN REAL ESTATE in London Ontario When you think about it, picking the right career and company in any type of industry is not something you do every week. Perhaps that’s why many new licensees or those wanting to make Read More...
Selling a Home in London Ontario Real Estate Myths
30 September 15 10:27 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
‚Äč MYTH: I should select the agent that suggests the highest list price. TRUTH: This is the oldest scam in real estate sales: Tell the seller what they want to hear, compliment the home, and agree to list it at an unrealistically high price just to get Read More...
25 Sure Fire Ways To Save When Buying a House in London Ontario
24 September 15 12:12 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Buying a home in London and area can be exciting yet stressful at the same time! When I list a home for sale and ask the seller’s why and how they bought their home and how the process went, I consistently receive the same answers, wishes and what Read More...
Using Time as A Friend When Investing in Real Estate in London Ontario
23 September 15 10:46 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Successful real estate investors understand time as a trusted ally and use time to build wealth and as a yard stick for their decisions. Every week I get calls and emails from wannabe investors whose main criteria when asking me about properties is how Read More...
If Your Home Is for Sale, Is It Easy For Buyers To See?
15 September 15 09:29 AM | Ty Lacroix | 1 Comments   
When putting your house in London and area up for sale, have you thought about how and when buyers will see your home? If possible, schedule showings in the same way that is used by a majority of the homes in your area. This may be by special appointment Read More...
Houses For Sale In Kilworth Selling Quicker in 2015
14 September 15 10:54 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
34 houses have sold on MLS in Kilworth as of September 14, 2015 at an average price of $447,841 which was 98% of the asking price and these took 34 days to sell, a lot better than in 2014 where the average days on the market was 58! There is a good inventory Read More...
Why Do Investors Buy The Wrong Investment Property?
11 September 15 10:15 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Investing in long-term income properties in London Ontario can be financially rewarding if and when it’s done correctly. However, just as with all investments, there are some risks, and not everyone who invests in rental properties in London has Read More...
62% of Home Buyers in London Ontario Want This!
10 September 15 11:19 AM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Studies show that in 2014, 65% of real estate buyers were definitely satisfied with their sales representative. Think about that – that means fully 35% were not! In that study, home buyers expect their sales representative to perform very few functions. Read More...
Buying a House in Ilderton Ontario
03 September 15 12:15 PM | Ty Lacroix | (Comments Off)   
Buying a house in Ilderton Ontario or London and area can be an exciting time but also scary at times for most home buyers. You are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars which is one of the largest if not the largest expenditure of your life and you Read More...

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