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    Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  Below are what clients have said about our real estate services.

thank you envelope Real Estate

  Hello Ty,

Thank you very much.   It was a pleasure to do business with you. I have seen your name on signs over the years and now I have met you. 
I will do my best to keep your clients happy and continue to make this a pleasurable experience for them.
Rob Denney 
Stonehaven Homes. 
This is AMAZING news!! I cannot express into words how thankful we are to have met you! 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done. This fresh start is going to be an incredible thing for our family
On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 11:24:49 a.m. ESTwrote:

Hi Melissa,


Congratulations you are moving!!


I have attached your copy of the signed agreement as well as the rest of the documents which you signed for your records.   



Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 6:11 pm
Hello Ty,
I hope you had a lovely vacation!
We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for introducing us to Michael. What a wonderful man!
From the very moment we met, he took the time to genuinely understand what we were looking for. So quickly he tuned into what we were interested in, even as we were learning ourselves. 
The process of finalizing our first investment property deal has been a bit of a roller coaster or perhaps somewhat of a scavenger hunt as we searched for the information we needed to accomplish the purchase. And that is truly how Michael seemed to approach it... not with frustration and impatience with people who were not helpful and creating roadblocks but as a treasure hunt that with persistence, optimism, and determination he would find the right puzzle piece would to open the lock.... and he did! He was able to get what we needed and we are on our way!
What a kind and genuine man, we are lucky to have had the chance to work with him. 
Thank you again for making that connection for us,
Kind Regards,


Re: - Accepted Offer
Thank-you Ty. The Feb 1 closing means no bridge financing needed . That will save much more than the discount I gave. I am very appreciative of your help. I knew I picked the right guy when I first met you.
Best New Year in many years for me.
Thanks again
Re: referral Regina
Hi Ty,
It's my pleasure. You're great agent that could help her. Thanks a lot. 
I'm very good. Thank you. I am still working on decoration. I've replaced Furnace and AC, floor, and repainted walls myself. I'm going to check new Bathtub when I have more time. Surprisingly, the condo management is also great to make many external updates. So far they have installed new shingles, done new driveway. Yesterday they just replaced my garage door rusted panel and shaft. I'm really enjoying the place.
I hope you and your family are well. Christmas and New year are around the corner. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. Thank you again for finding me such a great townhouse. 
Have a nice day!
Re: Financials for 203 Colborne
Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 11:56 am
Hi Ty,
It was nice meeting with you on Friday Dec. 14.  I am impressed by the professionalism that you have 
demonstrated within the short period of time during showing. Indeed all the Realtors are not the same.
Thank you for sending the information.  I would like to visit the store again as a customer while the 
information that you have sent are being reviewed. 
I shall contact you some time next week.
I could never wished for a more professional group than you, Ty and Jed.  Guess I'm just lucky.  Rest assured you all will be my representatives. I'll let you know if I need anything. I find you Canadians to be first class people.  I'll be back soon I'm sure.   Thanks to all of you for making me feel at home.
Ron Crume 

Hi Ty


Thank you so much for your kindly help, and i feel so happy to work with you too.


I am deeply appreciate you did to me, thank you. I will contact you when I need any further help.


Have a good day


All the best




Nora Fu

    celebrations????   we both fell asleep on our his and hers couches.....stress was gone....very relaxed.
I'm making sure on Georgetown sites (8) of them, telling them about your awesome work, great real estate person!!!!
hope you get more business from this
thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
warm regards,
Sandra and Bob
Hello Michael & Ty,
   Roz and I would like to thank you both for the effort you put into finding us tenants on such short notice.  
  We realize the process may not have started off that well while the other folks were still living in the unit.  We appreciated very much your patience and faith in us to bring the condo back up to standard in order to allow you to do your job properly. 
 It worked out well in the end, and we hope these new folks will spend a while in our place and treat it with respect. 
Thanks again for your hard work. 
Have an awesome day. 
Joel & Roz
Hello Ty,
Thank you for sharing this story.  It certainly gives a better insight to the importance of selecting a good (honest) realtor.
Just so you know.  John and I feel we lucked out having you help us find a house.  And, still never hesitate to recommend you to others.
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and best wishes for t the upcoming seasons.
Warm regards,
Jeanette and John Morgan

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Thank you Ty for the update. Congratulations!

Does that mean you have great confidence in future London real estate market? 😊

I'm getting more and more like the new home you found for me. It's really nice and makes me remember my grandparents' old houses, which were a lots alike. Thank you again for the all the helps of buying process. I just got furnace, air conditioner and water heater replaced. The contractor did great job.  The floor guys will replace dirty carpet on the first and third floor with laminate one. Hope all the investment are smart. You're welcome anytime to drop by.

Have a wonderful weekend!



I just got home from a meeting and when I came in Jack had your brochure to show me.   You should write a book on your travels with your creativity.  You certainly have talent in writing. 

Thanks for all the work you have put into selling this house.  I haven't ever seen the effort from anyone like this before...very much appreciated. 



Dear Ty:
      "Cathy and I just wanted to take some time and thank you for everything you have done for us.
       I always thought buying a house would be the most stressful thing anyone could do. I now know that indeed selling is by far the most stressful.
      As you know we did try to sell on our own, when this failed we tried another real estate agent and had a bad experience. Due to this experience we were very unsure about the whole thing and were very disheartened as we were so looking forward to our future plans.
    Ty, from the second we first met, Cathy and I were blown away with your experience and professionalism, your reputation truly speaks for itself. You sold our house for exactly what we wanted and to top it off, you did it in 81/2 hours! Amazing!
   As our family and friends heard about our success, they of course asked the question: 'Who did you use?' and I reply 'Ty Lacroix" .
   Cathy and I cannot express our gratitude enough, thanks again for everything, Cathy and I could not be happier!"
Jason and Cathy Bear

Hi Ty

My goodness, it has been one month now that we are in our home in Sunningdale, thank you so much for recommending that neighbourhood, it's close for Julius to get downtown and for me, well , less than 5 minutes to the hospital!

You were a huge hit with our kids, do you want to adopt them! Just kidding, we love them dearly and we really were touched how you took your precious time to show us some of the great produce places, the arena for Mark and of course, the two great restaurants we went to.

Our door is always open, please do drop by!

The best

Margaret Canusco

Hey Ty, after talking to our friends we now realize how lucky we were to have you as our agent! Being new to this, we had no idea and as I said, our friends had horror stories to tell and yet, your selling our condo and helping us buy our new place, went smooth and no pain. I can't express our gratitude enough for your expertise and patience in explaining the process, that really calmed us both.

 As promised, we can't wait to treat you to our first BBQ meal.

Karen and Bob McKenzie

Hi Ty

We are back in sunny Saskatchewan with a foot of snow to welcome us back…thankfully it hasn’t lasted too long! We just wanted to say how much we appreciate the time and effort you spent in helping us find our new home. We are blown away by your incredible professionalism and the efficient team you work with. Thank you for making a rather overwhelming and stressful life event into a pleasant and enjoyable occasion. Looking forward to seeing you in June.

Ranj and Kenneth


The place is going great!! We have an incredible tenant that pays early every month and she's super quiet. We have been really pleased with the location and neighbourhood and how everything has been with the house. We walk right downtown in minutes and never have to worry about parking! I would suggest this location to anyone, although we keep looking for similar properties for ourselves in the same neighbourhood for the future.... 

Nothing was really wrong with the sewer system other then large root buildup but once we got a competent plumber in that had a large enough root cutting machine we were back in business! 


Thanks so much for all you did to get us this place and for the wisdom and experience you had to guide us into making a very attractive offer to get this house. Taylor and I really enjoy it. 


Anna was an incredible resource for us as well. We were really happy we went with her and look forward to working with her again in the future. 


We will definitely be using your office in our future home buying process! 


Thanks for the follow up!

Derek & Taylor


Hello Ty:

It has been nearly a month since we completed the sale of our home, and we couldn’t be more delighted with our new accommodations. We are beginning to win the battle of the boxes, and our new house is gradually feeling more and more like home.


I wanted to write you a note to express how happy Jen and I were with your services. The sale of your home can be a very stressful time in your life. You are full questions – what is our house worth? Will we be able to get our asking price? Will we sell in time to take possession of our new home? When should we list? With whom should we list? And the Realtor’s favourite – should we sell it on our own?! You took those anxieties away.


When choosing to conduct business with anyone, instincts and first impressions carry a lot of weight in the decision making process. When we first met, your calming presence allowed us to relax, and begin to understand the process that we were about to undertake. Your honest, professional, gentlemanly approach sets you apart from the stereotypical image of realtors. Shortly after listing our home with your brokerage, I was listening to another person in your industry speak, and I remembering thinking, thank goodness we were referred to Ty!


During the time between listing and closing, your regular contact with us provided us with the updates that we needed. Your e-services allowed us to have instant feedback on the process; allowing us to gauge the interest in our home, send you a message, and see the avenues you were marketing our home through. You kept us abreast of any developments that we needed to know about, and you were responsive to our needs. You turned a stressful process into a comfortable, enjoyable experience.


Thank you again, for your service. We will gladly refer you to others we know that are looking to sell their homes.

Reg & Jen Ash

Thank you! Ty your help has been invaluable. We are returning to Toronto tonight and really appreciate all you have done to help us.



Hi Ty

Mark and I want to thank you for selling our condo at 14374 ggsgdjfdkjfkrity and as you are quite aware; you were not our first choice! In hindsight I would like to add that I wanted to go with you, but you know Mark, he litigates all day long and because you wouldn’t lower your commission fee or list our condo at a price to what we were led to believe was easy to get, we went with phyliss, who was our agent when we first bought the condo.

We liked you as soon as we met you, but Mark didn’t want to pay your commission fee even though your presentation and analysis of our property was, again in hind site, bang on!  phyliss fee was 1% less than yours and her being with rpaywl lepage sjertf tealty we thought we would get more exposure because they have over 100 agents and have offices across Canada.

What a disaster! She didn’t do near half of what you did, we had a few showings but getting any helpful feedback was like pulling hens teeth. After 7 weeks of disappointment and promises, I had enough! Jokingly, I told Mark it was you or the highway!

You now know Mark, there was no way he was going to hire you; he is not used of being told no! I should know, I‘ve been married to him for 37 years.

Anyway Ty thanks for coming over to see us again, and thank you for not saying “I told you so”.

We listed with you and were so impressed that all your marketing and websites and ads were all in place within 48 hours! I now know how you do it but we were amazed at how thorough and effective your systems are.

Getting an offer 11 days after listing our place was impressive but what really impressed us was how you helped us through the process and Mark’s litigious nature. Wow!

Thanks again Ty and for working with us to find our new condo, we love it and we enjoyed having you over to share a glass or three of our favorite red!!!

Again, I can’t tell you how happy we are and be assured we are telling as many of our friends as possible.

Carol St.Pierre


OK thanks Ty - appreciate your reply. I don't think I am in a position to invest in real estate at the current time. However should the situation arise when I am interested again I'll contact you. 

Appreciate the follow up - your office has been great to work with.


Hi Ty 

I tried to call the office on my way home today to thank you for this good news but I got the answering service. We are all very grateful to everyone at Envelope Real Estate for giving us one of the best Christmas gifts ever!! We are so relieved and thank all of you for never giving up!!! Ty you were amazing! We couldn't have done it without your team Ty.

Wishing all of you the very best of the holiday season. We are definitely going to enjoy our holidays thanks to you. We will tell everyone we know about your company and how terrific you have all been to work with!

Michele, Kathy and Will

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RE: Your House is Sold!


Lucy Kim


Hi Ty,
I just got my internet service today. I don't know how I can express my thanks to you.
it was one of the most difficult times. but I was able to stand strong because  I knew that you will support me
and guide me.
Thank you for your great work!!
Lucy Choi





Larry Brennan


Janet & I would like to thank you and your staff for your very professional and effective approach in selling our home.

We were also very satisfied with how you listened to what we wanted to buy and then only took us to those homes which met our criteria.  This saved both our time and yours by not attending homes which we would immediately reject.  We really liked this attention to detail on your part.


We will recommend you to friends and call you in 25 years for our next move (ha ha).


Larry Brennan

Dear Mr. Lacroix

  Thank you so much for helping out my sister and I. Your patience with us after the death of my mom was very greatful and your advice saved us thousands!

 We are so happy mom's house is sold and her two investment properties sold for more than we expected! Are we glad you were referred to us by eeeeeeeeeee, t, t  his law firm was a great help to us and he really liked your help and thoroughness too.

  You will hear from us and our friends too, we've told every one about you!

Patricia Kramer


Hi Ty,

My apologies for not getting back to you earlier. It has been a crazy busy day for me

We were thrilled to see the website. The virtual tour looks awesome. We all said that we had forgotten how nice the place really looks and your pictures helped us recall the wonderful features the home really does have.

It was a pleasure meeting you. We appreciated yo taking the time out to speak with us. We drove back to Kitchener feeling as though we had some renewed confidence that we could in fact sell this home. Thank you for giving that back to us. We were very impressed with your marketing style and approach to the whole sale. Such a difference!

I particularly liked how you pointed out to us that your team would build and market to the positive elements of the property rather than playing it down so much and speaking to all of the negatives!

You have our complete confidence and we look forward to doing business together. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require anything further. Many, many thanks Ty and Paul.

Michele, Kathy and Will


Fiona Douglas has recommended your work as Broker of Record & Owner at Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

Dear Ty,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users March 21,2013

Details of the Recommendation: "Ty has been a pleasure to work with over the past couple of years, on a least two major projects we have had on the go. He goes above and beyond and has never disappointed us, and his calm demeanour goes a long way towards keeping us focussed when dealing in our very volatile real estate market. We have no qualms about recommending Ty's services highly, and with pleasure!"
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Hey Ty,


Just wanted to let you know that everything worked out with the couple I showed my place to.  They provided two references, both of which said they wished all their tenants were this good.  The guy is doing a fellowship at the hospital, so he has a fantastic job and they just come across as very respectful, quiet people.  I used the lease you provided, and they signed on Tuesday.  I asked them to bring along a rent deposit for last month's rent, and they could pay first month's rent on Sept. 1.  Instead, they gave me a bank draft for entire first and last month's up front!!!   I got $920/month, just like you thought would be reasonable and which covers my costs each month, and I only had the place for one week before finding tenants!!


...Things have went so smoothly, that it looks like I may have to come in and see you again to start planning my next move!!!  lol


Here is a testimonial, in case you would like to ever use it:



I am very happy with all the service you have provided.  As a first time buyer, you were extremely helpful through the researching, viewing and purchasing processes.  And even after I bought my condo, and you had already earned your commission, you have promptly responded to every question I sent you regarding tenants, leases and the entire rental procedure.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  I will definitely be coming back to work with you again!!


Scott Macintosh


Dear Ty,
Thank you much for the generous piece of correspondence today concerning home buying. I certainly wish I had you around during my various moves during my banking career. I think....I take that back. I know you would have made our home buying and selling process so much smoother in many instances. I have your website saved in my Favourites under "New Homes".

I know that there is a wealth of information in your site. But that is only part of you. From the few conversations that we have  had together I can sense that you are a first-rate businessman who knows his subject matter to a"T" and the most important  part of the business even better...."The Customer". 

 I don't have to tell you about how many in the Retail line of business who pay lip service to Customer Service. Anyway, I could go on and on about the positive feedback I have about you but then you'd have those dam logistic problems of getting your head in the car and into the office the next day and I don't care to be responsible for those.
My wife and I have done some serious soul searching on the subject of renewed home ownership and the condo development we have previously discussed. We've come to an agreement that we're not ready to go back into serious mortgage debt at this time.
We do wish to find a condo unit at some point in time but at a point where our ownership position is much stronger. 

We have no plans to deal with anyone else in the future. You are our Man!  So for now we're officially going to take a pass on things until  our situation changes.
In closing I wanted to say that in this brief exchange I have already learned 1 new thing from you. I never knew that you could  bring your own agent into a new home site like Auburns. I thought you always had to deal with their Sales Team. The fact that
your expertise can be called into play from start to finish with the purchase was such a revelation to me.

I know you are thinking "blissful ignorance" on my thinking process but just another reason to have "The Pros from Dover" i.e.. "You" in our corner.

Thanks  for the refreshing eye-opener.


Note: I had asked Roger if I could use the above testimonial in my marketing and here was his reply:

More than welcome to use my comments, they come from the heart.  I would like very much to be kept in the loop of things with your newsletter. Thank you. With respect to referral opportunities I will be more than pleased to share your name. I'll do you one better if you send me a few business cards of yours I'll be sure to put them in the hands of anyone I can send your way.
Wishing you continued success always.



Well Ty it has been 3 weeks since we moved in to our new home and we want to thank you for your kindness you showed us when even while we took our frustration out on you though you had nothing to do with the mistakes our lawyer made.

Philippe and I thank you for exerting yourself on our behalf and ensuring our former house closed on time and for driving across the city multiple times collecting legal papers from lawyers and the bank. Oh yeah, the beer and wine you dropped off helped us too!

You’ve got to come over and dine with us soon, we have completely painted the walls on the main floor and have got the kitchen the way we want it.

Thank you again for all your help, without you we could have been out on the street or spending our money fighting you know who.

Terese’ Langille

PS: I’m glad you were able to help my cousins out. They think you’re marvelous!

Hi Ty

Gord and I want to thank you for all your help in selling our home and helping us find our new condo. Your patience in explaining to Gord and I about condos, what to look out for and the time you took to show us condos across London.

As you know, our previous experience with a real estate agent was regrettable and costly for us. I must say that your name kept being referred to us and you thank you so much for recouping most of the money lost with the previous agent.

Again Ty, we can never repay you for your time and kindness but be assured every one we know will now know about Envelope Real Estate .

Fran Russell


Hi Ty,
We got your letter - thanks for those moving post cards! - and we just wanted to say how much we appreciate the help you've given us. As first time home buyers we didn't have a clue about where to start, how the process worked, who to trust, and how to make sure we got the best deal we could. Even though you didn't end up representing us in the traditional way, we felt a whole lot better knowing you were looking out for us. You were very fair, available to answer all our questions, and arranged for us to work with a great lawyer and a very thorough home inspector. You made this whole process seem a lot less scary! We'll be sure to pass along your card to anyone wanting a good experience while buying a home! 
Thanks again,
Stephen Stuart and Rebecca Evans


Hi Ty,

That's a lovely gesture, thank you.  With the on-set of cold weather it's especially nice to know that there will be some extra food for tables.  Really do appreciate all your work.  My husband can probably attest to the fact that I don't usually hold back in the feedback department, requested or otherwise, and can normally find room for improvement.   In your case, all I can do is focus on what you did well:

(1)  The first draw was your website... for  a newcomer to the London area it is very informative and easy to navigate. 

(2) Your response times were very good (when I was first looking for someone to work with emails and phone messages to other realtors wouldn't be returned for 72 business hours... enough time for me to go buy a house elsewhere!). 

(3) Exceptionally low pressure / no contracts etc, like you say on your website but actually true!

(4) Excellent listener and matched needs, even when not vocalized, with the appropriate price point and features.

(5) You demonstrate clear market knowledge.

(6) You're patient (even with my mother!); and

(7) You sealed the deal with terrific negotiating.

I think you did a fabulous job and would certainly recommend your services.  

Best regards,
Helen & Adrian

Hey Ty,
   Sorry for taking so long to get this thanks out to you, but you know how busy things can get. I can't begin to express how pleased Bonnie and I are on the whole sales experience with your company. I can't believe how quickly it all happened, but I know that was not by accident. You covered all the bases. The virtual tour that was up and running the same day; the flyers distributed locally and your broad base of prospective investors; All very impressive. First class. Again thanks.




 We finally closed the deal yesterday with Dan.  Vanty and I would like to thank you for your professional service and help; we felt confidence that we were in good hands.  Tenant is more than happy to sign another one-year lease agreement.  It's almost like a happy-ending Hollywod stuff for now, but Vanty and I are aware that there will be a steep learning curve for us in real-estate investment ahead. We believe it will be challenging and rewarding for us. We'll be in touch again after our vacation.

Best Regards,

Jerry and Vanty Ramos



"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the service you offer as our real estate agent. It's great to be kept informed as to what is happening in the current market and also changes that may affect our future decisions. Your newsletters and periodical calls certainly do keep us informed.
  Your efforts in marketing properties we have sold in the past have been efficient and quick, resulting in the price, financing and closing dates we wanted. Purchasing has been made very easy with you finding out our expectations and selecting properties that met those criterias without our having to look after house after house."
Jim Snider

Ty, Once again the services you have provided are outstanding! Thank you for all your support and expertise in selling my home and purchasing the condo.

You are truly a master of your craft and I highly recommend you to anyone I know who is buying or selling a home.

Thanks again! Laura Fowlie


Hello Ty!

I hope this message finds you happy and healthy!  Dave, Darius and I
have been busy getting settled in!  We have finally moved in!  


As i was unpacking, I discovered the package that was supposed to be sent (simply
placed in a mailbox) to you quite some time ago.  Dave forgot, so, I
wanted to include my comments on the service we received via email,
until you receive it in the mail.

Thanks again for your hard work!! We love our new home and couldn't have
done it without you!

Please see below...

Our experience with Envelope Real-estate and Ty Lacroix, in particular,
was nothing less than comfortable and stress-free (well, as stress-free
as buying a home for the first time can get!).  Ty, as an experienced
agent, was very informative and most importantly, intuitive!  He was
able to give us as much information as we required, often answering our
questions before we asked, and was thoughtful and conscious of our

Ty took the time to get to know my family and made sure that the
properties we viewed reflected our interests.  The extra time that he
took to get know us, attributed to the efficient way in which we were
able to find a home together.  Ty is not one to sugar coat anything!  He
is very forthcoming and had proved that he was on our side throughout
the entire process by telling us exactly how it is.  The key point is
that Ty was willing and able to work with us.  He was always patient,
resourceful and honest.

Ty had great referrals for a home inspector and a lawyer.  His referrals
were particularly helpful, and it was comforting to know that Ty had
worked with these individuals time and time again.  The research and
preparation in buying a home can be really overwhelming, and having
someone to guide us, saved us a tremendous amount of time, and left us
with less to worry about.

When it was time to close the deal, Ty was firm and productive.  We were
able to reach an agreement with the other party (in our favour) in a
timely manner.  His genuine interest in making us happy allowed us to be
comfortable and trusting in his talent and experience.

Envelope Real-estate, from our experience, is very client orientated.
My family and I will not hesitate to say that we have had an amazing
experience with Envelope Real-estate and Ty Lacroix!  Ty's hard work has
resulted in my family and I finding the perfect home!!

Thank you, Ty and Envelope Real-Estate!

Mojdeh Rahbari



Hi Ty

I just want to follow up with you regarding our house. I want to say Thank
so much for all the work you've done to sell our house. I can highly
recommend you to anybody! Why? Because of your professionalism. The way you
started by showing us what are you going to do to sell the house and second
was your web site. Logging into the website and see all the comments about
my house it's an excellent idea. I think it's great because gives to seller
a feed back and things that can be changed or improved to sell the house.
Keeping in touch all the time was another good thing I liked about you guys.
You showed interested in selling the house not only waiting for someone to
call. All the advertizing (web, newspaper, brochures) you've done was
another important thing that counts a lot in selling the house.
Thanks again to you and entire team and hope to do more business with you

Horatiu and Antonela Baltat


Sleepless No More in Vancouver

hey Ty

Great news! Thank you for selling our condo last week. We are going to put that money towrds helping Stephen buy something here in West Vancouver, though that $400,000 won't go far here!

Medical school was enduring for Stephen and thank you for being considerate of his time, you were very understanding and thank you for taking a stand on the price. That agent was a bit of a bully, wasn't she?

Keep in touch, my sister in law's sister has applied to Western and if she gets accepted, she will buy a condo from you.

Karen Chan

Another house sold!

Subject: Thank you



Everything went well yesterday and I think the house is in pretty good shape.

Len will be cutting he lawn for the last time on Wednesday and Lexi will be bringing a few last things out.


Thank you for your work on our behalf. You did a great job and we feel

very lucky that we connected with you.


Best wishes,


Keeping in Touch

Hi Ty

Thank you for the wonderful dinner for two, Casey and I enjoyed our night out , what a nice place and the compimentary wine was awesome! You were right.

We are now fully moved in and thanks for helping us out with our other house, how you got those tradespeople over so quickly was amazing.

You kept the sale together!

If you are free next Saturday, Casey  and I would love to have you and your lovely wife over for drinks and a meal with us.

Casey said he would have the pool table all set up!



My second property from you

Hey Ty,

When I was looking at places with you last year you had mentioned purchasing gift cards for your tenants at Christmas time. I took your idea and bought a couple gift cards and the tenants seemed to love it!! Inexpensive and pretty simple, but they felt it was very thoughtful and like you many landlords give tenants gifts??
All is well with the properties so far, I really appreciate the education you helped provide me in 2012...nothing beats the gift of knowledge. It's hard to believe I went from never owning a property only 6 months ago to now have two income properties running!! You really emphasized the philosophy that if you keep your place proper, and treat your tenants well, then you will have success (as opposed to the slumlord philosophy lol).
Thanks and best of luck in the new year!! I will definitely be using Envelope for all my future purchases!!
ps...If any interesting properties or places pop up, I'm always interested in new ideas!! lol 

Selling Our House

   Hi Ty, Mike and I really thank you for selling our house. It was on the market 5 months with you know who and not one offer! We should of gone with you in the first place but our friends said we should list with a national chain, boy, were they wrong.

  From the moment you left our house, we were impressed. We were on MLS within an our, we had 2 virtual tours and you even did feature sheets and neighbourhood marketing the next day!


  I now know why you sell homes! You sold ours in 4 days, and $6,450 more than when we had it listed with 11111111.

   We've told everybody we know about how good  and gracious you were to us.

Thankyou, thankyou thankyou


A Non Resident Buyer of a Home in London

Dear Ty,
I reviewed all the statements and the invoices , every thing looks clear  to me , yo did a fantastic work ,  I really thank you for your effort and appreciated.
Now I am planing my booking to london ontario , on third or forth week of october , please let me know which time  is more suitable for you.

Let's Go Again

Hi Ty:

Thank you for your follow up email. We are very pleased with your help for finding and buying the property. Your company was very efficient and effective on each step of the buying process. You were also very helpful to us in finding a home inspector, a mortgage agent and a lawyer for closing the deal. It was a pleasant journey for us. 
I am sure we will have more opportunities to work together in the near future. 
Thank you for the excellent help.
Best regards,
Hey Ty
  Just like you said, we are now into our 11th condo that we have bought through you and you know, as I teach this, your systematic  approach was the same as our first one, the only change being we did not know what or how do anything when we bought our first one.
   Thank you for your patience and setting us straight on the numbers, you have saved us I don't know how many headaches or thousands.
   We are now preparing to buy our 12th at the end of the year, of course, with your guidance. Oh, and thanks for the name of the furnace guy, he's great, we even had him come to our house and look at our A/C.


Thank's Again

 "Just a quick note to let you know I am settling into my new home and enjoying it even more than I anticipated.
I wish to take this time to thank you for making the purchasing experience less intimidating and almost stress free considering the tenacious and almost hostile nature of the seller.  Your expertise, knowledge and years of experience were invaluable and your house warming gift was very unexpected but very thoughtful and always remembered."
Darlene Passmore

"Thanks Ty, for helping me make my first experience with a real-estate agent a good one. You willingly answered all of my SILLY questions, insisting that they really weren't SILLY at all. Your patience and gentle guidance have been much appreciated while I was making a huge decision and taking a big step in my career."
Erin Rothenburger RMT

  "Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your assistance in selling our property. As you know we had looked at a couple different options for selling the property, thankfully after speaking with you about our options we decided you were the best choice for us. And are we glad we did! Right from the start we were impressed with your approach, the research you did on ours and similar properties gave us an accurate understanding of what the market would allow for our property, and your thoroughness' certainly took away any uneasiness we may have had about selling and moving.
  We really appreciated how you kept us informed about potential buyers, and when the offer came rather quickly, you offered your professional opinion and then respected our decisions.
  Once the sale was complete, you took the time to educate us to the rest of the process, and the other professionals., ie: lawyers you recommended had that same professional and thorough approach that you have. We certainly appreciated how you went out of your way to ensure the move to our next place went together as planned. As we look for other real estate opportunities, your phone number is the first we will dial. "

Craig and Bonnie Hardy  Covenant Construction

Beach house condo


Hi Ty
I want to thank you for all your help in the purchase of my "Dream Beach House"......You made the buying process easy....all your patience as I went through it a few times was absolutely wonderful..
Showing me other places so I knew what else was out there and could be sure "this was the one"  before my final decision was great......
Thank you for your suggestions and help in getting the final papers signed......being able to do the whole process in one day was certainly pretty stress free....not having to wait while it was taken back and forth over a few days made it very easy.
Once again, thank you so much for all your help...I will definitely call you again if the need arises to buy or sell and will pass your name on to anyone I know who may need someone... 
It was certainly great working with you for these last few months.
Kind regards
Sue Grycaj  

You made it easy!

Hi Ty

You did a wonderful, professional job for us.  You listened while we figured out what we wanted.  You showed us some excellent prospects that provided perspective, you were patient and careful with our time, and you brought a lot of local knowledge that we badly needed in terms of local values and conditions (I remember your caution about sewage issues on ____________, and other examples).  Finally, in the case of Haighton Rd, you guided us to a successful negotiation (that seems to have made all parties happy)….. My best advice is “keep doing what you are doing” !  We would recommend you in a heartbeat !
  Ric & Sandy Symmes

Hi Ty, thanks for all your hard work in helping us sell our home. For buying our new condo, too!!!! We love it here, we are so glad we took your advice and saw this complex, we didn't even know it was in London. My sister was so impressed with you and how you helped my family that I hear she is listing her home with you next week, congrats!
Thank you for the wonderful donation in our name and rest assure, you are our real estate guy!

Their Fourth House

James and I were talking last night and want to know: How do you manage to keep improving your services? This is our fourth house with you, actually 7, the four we bought through you and the three we sold through you. Amazing! Can you come and talk to my boss, I think my company needs some help!

Thanks Ty

Jillian & James Crossmore



Hello Ty
Thank you for everything you have done.  You have proved that all realtors are not the same.  We will come to London around Aug 24 or 25 
And remove the weeds and mulch the beds.

Ty Lacroix is extremely personable and down-to-earth.  The process of buying a condo was made easier by the mere fact that Ty is so open and trustworthy.  After seeing only two homes and discussing my ideal living space, he found the perfect place for the perfect price. 

He was also extremely reliable and even came to me to sign papers when my schedule was not conducive to meeting up with him. 

I will definitely buy my next home with him if I am still in the London area!!

Rachel Mallon

   "Thankyou for a great job of providing me with a new home.... "
Ted Haggis

" Ty assisted me in purchasing a property that I use for both my home and my business. His efforts have paid off in more than just the property, the advice he gave has served to assist not only my personal life but my business as well.

When I purchased my house there were 8 other bidders on the property, but due to Ty's quick thinking and hard work, we were able to secure the property even though I had gone in with the lowest bid! Since that time my property has seen a 40% rise in property value! 

Not only did Ty work for my interests and ensured that I got the very besyt in value, he also ensured that the future of the property was secure, and would result in a location that would provide a tremendous dividend if I decided to sell.

  Ty is affable and works tirelessly for his clients, and as a result his clients are loyal, I would never use anyone else!"

Karl Fitzgerald-Sloman