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What Attracts Buyers To Your House When It Is Listed For Sale?

 Be very, very careful about what you think you or your Realtor knows about marketing your home; this in-depth study will demonstrate what works and what hurts getting buyers to see your home.

What Draws Buyers To Your Home When Listed For Sale?
Certain listing descriptions just work better than others and some amenities bring more leads than others. But what’s a winning description and what features make a property more desirable? Moreover, for a Realtor, are they sure their facts are straight? Or are they operating on market principles and beliefs that might be harming rather than helping? To answer these questions, we did an in-house analysis focusing on the number of leads each of the properties on our portal attract. Then, we conducted a survey to see if real estate agents are up to speed when it comes to what listing features and descriptions bring more buyers.
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