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How To Turn One Home Into a Million Dollar Retirement Fund


How You Can Turn ONE Home Into a Million Dollar Retirement Fund for Your Family!

  A few years ago, Richard Russell of the Down Theory Letters wrote an incredibly powerful article titled, “Rich Man, Poor Man.” In the article, he shared how important it is for the average investor (you and me) to have a financial plan utilizing the power of compounding. I’ll share a simple financial plan with you that you can download at no cost or obligation. Before I do, I want to quote a portion from Rich Man, Poor Man:

              Compounding for real estate London Ontario

  “Compounding is the royal road to riches. Compounding is the safe road, the sure road, and fortunately, anybody can do it. To compound successfully you need the following: perseverance in order to keep you firmly on the savings path. You need intelligence in order to understand what you are doing and why. And you need knowledge of the mathematics tables in order to comprehend the amazing rewards that will come to you if you faithfully follow the compound road. And, of course, you need time, time to allow the power of compounding to work for you. Remember, compounding only works through time.”


  Compounding is not about getting rich quickly. It’s about creating a compounding financial plan and sticking with this plan for years. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because we tend to get easily distracted. Richard Russell wrote:

  “There are two catches in the compounding process. The first is obvious – compounding may involve sacrifice (you can’t spend it and still save it). Second, compounding is boring – b-o-r-i-n-g. Or I should say it’s boring until (after seven or eight years) the money starts to pour in. Then, believe me, compounding becomes very interesting. In fact, it becomes downright fascinating!”

   Boring uet effective investing in real estate

 The national statistics for retirement savings show an alarming trend. The average person will not have enough saved to retire. If you’re worried that you’re not saving enough for retirement, you can use the simple investment plan detailed in this new report to create a large retirement fund for your family.  

  This isn’t about getting rich quickly.

  This is about setting up a conservative investment plan and following it for years. All you have to do is keep your one home rented continuously and the hidden equity hidden inside will slowly flow into your life as you reinvest the monthly net income into a small cap mutual fund or something similar. Think about the impact this could have on your life...


 1. You could make numerous financial mistakes throughout your life. You could lose your job every few years and still be quite well off. You could even run up a large credit card balance, which is a big no-no, and you’d still be ok.

 2. You wouldn’t have to work 60-hour workweeks climbing the “corporate ladder” and you wouldn’t have to worry too much about finding the highest paying job. This is because the income from your job won’t have any bearing on your financial future. You could even look for a lower paying job you absolutely love and you’ll still be doing well.

 3. Depending on your age and financial goals, you may not have to save any additional money for your retirement. This means you’ll have more money in every paycheque. You could spend every penny of every paycheque if you wanted to, but that is not wise.

 4. When you decide to retire, you can start living off the dividends and rental income leaving the money in an ETF Fund or something similar (get advice from your financial advisor), or, leave the single-family home to your children and grandchildren setting them up financially for life. If they continue investing the income from the home into the same mutual fund allowing the compounding to continue, they’re sure to have increased their net worth exponentially in their lifetimes.


   P.S. What would happen if you were to buy two homes and reinvest the rental income as outlined? Where would you be in 20 years?

  P.P.S. The best part is you can actually set this entire plan up inside a special RSP account using your existing retirement savings to buy the rental home for cash. The monthly rental income will actually go directly into your special RSP providing the funds for your monthly index fund investment.

 P.P.P.S. Investing is not risk-free. You can lose money depending on your skills as an investor. Your risk of loss is reduced dramatically because you’ll be buying your one home that you can always resell.  You could over pay for a property by not using a skilled Realtor, you could choose bad tenants by not using a skilled Realtor and not adhering to the steps a skilled Realtor will lay out for you.

 P.P.P.P.S. Yes, I hear this all the time, what about a new roof, or new windows, appliances etc. So what? Your tenant is paying down your mortgage every month and one thing I forgot to mention, at year one that amount is $326.81 a month and add that to your $412 and you have $739 per month on a $50,000 down payment, which equals 17.7% annual return!

 Please discuss this strategy with your professional advisors, including your lawyer and your accountant to make sure it is appropriate for you.

 Download your free report now


Less than 5% of the population of Canada have any wealth and excluding sports millionaires, those 5% did so by compounding! It is so slow and boring and so simple and that may be the problem, it is too simple, we humans like to complicate things!


How To Turn One Home Into a Retirement Fund
Believe it or not, as you read this report, you’ll even see a home with a million dollars hidden inside. Most people don’t “see” this money. After “seeing” this hidden money, you’ll never look at homes the same again. For a limited time, you can download this full report in PDF format at no cost to you or obligation.
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