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London Ontario Neighbourhoods


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Getting Started In London Ontario

   Getting started in a new community, with its new culture, languages and customs can be tough. Finding employment, learning a new language and gaining recognition for foreign education and credentials are major challenges that many newcomers face.

                                                             Getting Started in London Ontario

    London cannot afford to lose out on the skills and talent of our newcomers.

      If you are new to London Ontario, are planning on moving to London Ontario or knows of someone who is, if they visit Vital Signs they will find a wild array of agencies and contacts that can help in adapting to London Ontario.

My How Libraries Have Changed

        ages  ago librarian


My, how libraries have changed. A long, long time ago when I was going to school and visited libraries I remember the smell of books, the quite aura that volumes of books exude and the sombre look and attire of librarians.

Well, for some reason, I decided to drop into the 'newer' library on Southdale st Wonderland and I was blown away. Bright colours, computer stations, noise and staff that seemed to have life in them! I was downtown the other day and wow, the library in a converted mall at City Centre is expansive and inviting.


today's librarian

My, how libraries have changed! Here are where 16 of them are in London Ontario.

Environment & London Ontario

           How Does London Ontario Work?

    Sometimes in this busy world, we lose track of the day to day inner workings of the city or town we live in and at times are only concerned about what the city does or does not do when effects us.

if you would like to know how London Ontario handles the following:

  • Air Quality

  • Greenhouse Gas emissions from private vehicles

  • Waste Management

  • Water Quality

  • Water Conservation

  • Average Daily Flow of Water

  • Residential Garbage Disposed of in Landfill Sites

  • Waste Diverted Away from Landfill Sites

       Go to London Vital Signs and now you know.