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Lucan Real Estate For Sale & Other Musings

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Lucan Houses For Sale March 27
There are 17 properties for sale in Lucan ranging from $142,000 - $349,000. There are new homes being built and Victorian era homes adn a mix in betweeen. Here is a list of a few and for an up to date synopsis of Lucan Real Estate, yoy know who to call!
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Lucan Ontario Information

Lucan is a small village 15 minutes north of London with new homes being built both to the east and west of Lucan.

Lucan is a very active community with sports parks and an arena, along with restaurants and retail stores. Below is the history of the area.

Despite being more than 500 km (300 miles) to the North, in 1829, the area became a refuge for a group of free slaves from Cincinnati, Ohio who were under threat of being enslaved again, as a result of the Black Codes in Ohio. This group of roughly 200 disenfranchised Blacks were granted refuge and land by the Canada Company and duly set up a colony named Wilberforce. This was one of the earliest, if not the earliest, slave refuge colony in Upper Canada and existed before emancipation. The flight of Blacks northward into Canada beginning around this time was part of the Underground Railroad.

Most of the Blacks came from city life and did not adapt well to the harsh farming environment. Large lots of land were cleared (logged) and efforts were made to sustain the colony, but much of it dwindled through the 1840s and many of the original colonists moved on to larger, growing urban centres such as Detroit, Cleveland or Toronto to obtain wage-based employment. A small number remained on to work the land through subsequent generations.

The area was then further logged and settled by whites, many from Ireland, some of whom purchased farmsteads from the departing Blacks or new lots sold to them cheaply by the Canada Company. Nowadays less than 40 descendants of the ancestorial Blacks remain.[4]

After this time, about 1850, the majority of the township's landholders were Irish Catholics, a large number originating from then-meagre farming lands in County Tipperary, Ireland.

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